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Demo Systems

Slony Administration Tool As side effect of running a Postgres/Slony cluster this Administration Tool was developed to help create , analyze, optimize and extend Postgres/Slony based Database Clusters using a Graphical User Interface. As well it supports the monitoring and control of a running Cluster. The Development is still in progress to extend functionality, already many functionalities are already implemented. Like
  1. Compares relevant postgres schema objects with the slony configuration to find Tables and Sequences which are not yet configured for synchronization.
  2. UI to Create Slony Sets,Nodes and Path including id generation
  3. Auto create a new Subscriber Node by giving the connection details of the new Server (host/port/user)
  4. Remove a Node, possibly cleanup Slony configuration if the slony command fails or hangs indefinitely.
  5. Visualize the Slony configuration, including drag&drop to manipulate Slony Set configuration.
  6. Drop the slony configuration into a xml document, load such a xml document and create a slony configuration from it, or a shell script containing all slony commands to recreate the cluster (useful to quickly setup a development cluster)
Hoteltwister.com A fully functional OpenACS based Hotel Booking System, based on the Booking enging used for 7 Years in Produktion, this system has several advancements, where the most important advancement is the JQuery based Search UI using the possibilities of client side Javascript to ease search criteria input as well as result filtering and sorting.
www.kernave-cars.com A fully functional yet very simple online Car Rental System. Origanl developed in 2006 within a development time of 6 weeks, it was produktiv until 2013 and besides 3 restarts due to a hanging Server, the system ran for 7 Years without any further technical support.